Sunday, July 10, 2011

Soulful Sunday.

Here is what is going on with that last panel, just in case:

And as a quick explanation for the new followers and folks visiting the site, every Sunday I do a comic inspired by a soul song. Sometimes the comic is inspired by just the title of the song or sometimes it is about the content. But, either way, I post the comic, then some interesting tidbits about the musician or song, then a link to the song the comic was based off of.

So, tonight's song is 'Cause I Love You' by Lenny Williams.
Lenny Williams started his musical career by pursuing it as a solo act, but didn't have much success. It wasn't until the band Tower of Power brought him on as the lead singer (the spot was recently vacated by Rick Stevens due to being brought up on murder charges,) that he gained recognition. He stayed with the band for 3 years, 1972-1975, and helped them record their 3 most popular albums.
Williams then left the group to start his solo career back up again. He scored a few hits during the late 70's, including 'Cause I Love You', but oddly (sadly?) one of his highest charting hits came in 1987 with 'Don't Make Me Wait For Love' off of Kenny G's Duo Tones album.
Here is 'Cause I Love You':

Also I'll usually post a bonus track.
Tonight's bonus track is the first track off of the first album Lenny Williams recorded with Tower of Power, 'What Is Hip?':

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