Sunday, August 21, 2011

Magic Mountain.

Tonight's Soulful Sunday is inspired by Eric Burdon & War's 'Magic Mountain.'
Before being discovered by Eric Burdon, War was known as Nightshift and served as the backing band for a Los Angeles Rams football player's singing gigs at small nightclubs.  After seeing them perform Burdon joined the group, changed their name to War, and got rid of two horn players in favor of a harmonica player.
In 1969 they found success with the lead single 'Spill the Wine' off their first release, Eric Burdon Declares War. They would only record one more album before Burdon quit the group in the middle of their 1971 European tour, citing 'exhaustion.'
War went on to find a great deal of success later on without Burdon, eventually recording the smash hits 'Why Can't We Be Friends' and 'Low Rider,' perhaps their most well known songs. 
Tonight's song, 'Magic Mountain,' appeared as the b-side to 'Spill the Wine.'

And hey, why not, here is the a-side 'Spill the Wine':

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