Sunday, October 9, 2011

Aimin' Brother.

Tonight's comic was inspired by The Winstons 'Amen, Brother.'
This track is famous for a six second drum break that has been sampled to no end. People feel that it is responsible for later spawning drum-and-bass and jungle music. I'll include a link to a 18 minute long podcast about that at the end of the post.
The song is a funk cover of a song written by Jester Hairston for the Sidney Poitier film Lillies of the Field. The Impressions would eventually cover the song and popularize it. I own a twist cover of the song on 45 which I like, but sadly can't find hide nor hair of online.
Here is The Winstons version (the famous drum break, known as the 'Amen Break', starts around the 1:26 mark):

Tonight's bonus track is the original version as seen in Lilies of the Field:

And here is the cast about the 'Amen Break.' (Fair warning though, it is interesting, but can be a bit dry in places):

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