Sunday, September 4, 2011

Superman Lover.

Today's song is 'Superman Lover' by Johnny 'Guitar' Watson.
Watson was one of the early pioneers of using guitar reverb and feedback, he played with an impressive array of artists, his records have been sampled countless times in hip-hop, he even supposedly moonlighted as a pimp.
One of my favorite stories about Johnny 'Guitar' Watson though is, sadly, the one about his death.
While on tour in Japan, in 1996, Watson collapsed on stage in the middle of a guitar solo. Some witnesses say that his last words uttered were, 'Ain't that a bitch.' Though some feel that he was just making reference to his song 'Ain't That A Bitch.'
Here is 'Superman Lover'

And, for the bonus track, 'Ain't That A Bitch':

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