Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mama Feelgood.

Todays song is 'Mama Feelgood' by Lyn Collins. I figured it would be appropriate (inappropriate?) for Mother's Day.
Lyn Collins grew up in Abilene, Texas and eventually married her manager. Her manager also happened to serve as the local promoter for when the James Brown Revue came in to town. Her husband managed to slip James a demo tape and she was made a reserve to possibly replace Marva Whitney when she left the revue in 1971. Vicki Anderson ended up filling that spot initially, but, within the year Anderson left the revue and cleared the way for Lyn Collins to join. At this point Lyn Collins wrote and recorded a few tracks with James Brown's People Records. Her most successful track was her also her first, the 1972 single 'Think (About It.)' A year later she contributed the track 'Mama Feelgood' to James Brown's 1973 soundtrack for the blaxploitation film Black Caesar. She would tour with the revue for a couple more years before leaving. 
Here is her Black Caesar contribution 'Mama Feelgood':

And as today's bonus, here is her first hit 'Think (About It)'. 90's pop nerds will recognize a couple parts of this song:

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