Sunday, January 23, 2011


Todays musical selection comes from a Florida soul songstress that was discovered by another Florida soul songstress. Gwen McCrae sang in a duo with her husband, George McCrae, when Betty Wright (of 'Clean Up Woman' fame) took a liking to them. Betty helped sign them to the label she was on, Alston, where they started to work with Clarence Reid. I did a post about Clarence Reid awhile ago,  (December 5th, post called 'Cold Blooded,') where I mentioned he wrote some great songs for other people. Here is one of Gwen McCrae's solo ventures penned by Reid. Here is the laid back groove of '90% Of Me Is You':

And as a bonus, here is Betty Wright's 'Clean Up Woman,' which was penned by Clarence Reid and Willie Clarke:

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