Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Out The Door.

Musical selection of the day comes from the Stax stable. Perhaps best known these days for being sampled by Wu-Tang Clan for 'Tearz' on the Enter the 36 Chambers album. Wendy Rene actually recorded some great tunes back in the day. Her stage name was given to her by Otis Redding and she was supposed to be on the flight that ended in Redding's untimely death, but chose to stay home with her newborn instead. Unfortunately, she never recorded a proper album, the closest thing was 8 tracks on the You Thrill My Soul compilation which didn't come out until 1995. This is one of my favorites, and actually appeared on the aforementioned compilation. Here is Wendy Rene's 'Gone For Good':

And as a bonus, here is the track that Wu-Tang Clan sampled, 'After Laughter':

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