Thursday, April 21, 2011

Clouds In My Sunshine.

Tonight's song is 'Clouds In My Sunshine' by Redbone. Supposedly based on the urging of Jimi Hendrix, in the late 60's Redbone formed  and billed themselves as an all Native American rock outfit, though most of them were mixed ('red bone' is Cajun slang for someone who is mixed, but it is usually used in reference to females.) Formed in Los Angeles, some people consider them to have been very influential on the Los Angeles rock scene. Now they're probably best known for their hit 1974 'Come And Get Your Love.'
Here is 'Clouds In My Sunshine' off their 1973 album Wovoka:

Tonight's bonus track is one of their instrumental jam tracks off their 1970 self-titled debut album. Here is 'Suite Mode':

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