Sunday, April 24, 2011

Girls Are Out To Get You.

Todays song is 'Girls Are Out To Get You' by The Fascinations. 
A quartet that used to have Martha Reeves in its ranks, The Fascinations never quite reached the heights they should have. They tried to find their place in the Detroit scene during the late 50's and early 60's but instead caught the ear of Chicago soul man Curtis Mayfield. Mayfield wrote multiple singles for them and even though multiple labels dropped them, he stuck with them and eventually signed them to his own label. They had a couple small hits stateside but never took off despite Mayfield's backing and well written singles. After not finding the stardom they had hoped for, The Fascinations broke up in 1968.
 In 1971 their single 'Girls Are Out To Get You' was rereleased in the UK and broke the Top 40 charts, sparking a short reunion tour, but, this success was not enough to keep them together. There is only one album of their work and it didn't come out until 1997, it collects most of their singles and some unreleased masters. 
Here is what would be their most successful single, from 1966 originally, the Curtis Mayfield written 'Girls Are Out To Get You':

And the bonus track for today is the b-side to their 'Girls' follow up single on the Mayfield label. Here is 'Such a Fool':

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