Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Faithful To The End.

Todays track is 'Faithful to the End' by D.J. Rogers. D.J. Rogers started by singing and playing piano for his local church before recording an album for Shelter records in 1973 which didn't garner much attention despite having some excellent tracks on it. His second album, from 1976, It's Good to be Alive contained the song 'Say You Love Me' which got a lot of radio play, but did not translate to many album sales. Rogers blamed this on the label and believed they were 'lazy' and they only had the label so they could use it as a 'tax write-off.' He would have small amounts of success with future singles which would chart on the R&B charts, but not much beyond that. In the 80's he returned to his roots and began releasing gospel albums (his records always had a gospel influence, but were never straight-up gospel records.) 
Here is D.J. Rogers' 'Faithful to the End':

And as a bonus is a track that's a little funkier and off of his self-titled debut album. Here's 'Bail Out':

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