Monday, April 11, 2011


Stay tuned after the comic for some fun group participation info!

I've got to say that I actually really enjoyed making this, as I had no idea what the final image was going to be. And even though I can't reveal the secret I used, if you want to create your own million dollar idea from the sheet, you can use this random number generator:
The generator is off to the right and you should set the values for 1-8 and write down the first 4 number it gives you. Then you can look on the sheet and see what your big idea is going to be. (Hopefully it doesn't come up Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, because there might be a lawsuit to follow...) If anyone ends up doing this and drawing something, send it my way, I would love to see them and if I get any I'll post them up on the blog on Saturday! Whoa.

You can e-mail any images (no more than 600dpi across is really the only restriction) to me at:

Hope to see a few awesome teams!
Oh, and because of MOCCA taking place last weekend the theme is indy comics week.

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