Sunday, February 20, 2011

Daron Got Dough.

Kind of another bummer comic today, but I think it's good to do stuff like this every so often. That and these songs aren't always about cheery subjects. 

Today's song is brought to you by Darondo. He was a San Francisco native when he released the single 'Didn't I' on Bay Area label Music City Records in 1973. It didn't really make any waves, in or out of the Bay Area, and Darondo fell into obscurity. Rumor has it that he got by on pimping, though he denies that claim. But, he does confirm that he could be seen driving through neighborhoods in an all white Rolls Royce, with the custom licence plate 'DARONDO,' and that his name came from people on the streets saying 'Dang, DARON got DOugh.' Years later, British DJ and big time crate-digger Gilles Peterson helped pull him out of the void by featuring 'Didn't I' on his BBC radio show. This led to the rerelease of some of his recordings in the form of the album Let My People Go in 2006. Here is 'Didn't I':

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