Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stringing You Along.

Todays song is 'Marionette' by The Marvelettes. In 1961 The Marvelettes came in fourth at a high school talent show and won a chance to audition for Motown. After a successful first audition they were asked to return with some original material. They returned with what would be their biggest hit, 'Please Mr. Postman.'  After the release of that single The Marvelettes released a few unsuccessful singles and albums, went through some roster changes, and eventually broke up. In 1970 after they disbanded Smokey Robinson felt the former member Wanda Young had some potential and recorded her solo album. She recorded with Motown house band The Andantes, but, after completion of the recording, Robinson felt that the Marvelettes name was more marketable and recognizable. So, he released the album The Marvelettes, The Reutrn of the Marvelettes, despite it being a Wanda Young and The Andantes album. (As an interesting side note, the album cover featured Young and two other women, "fake Marvelettes," whose faces are purposefully obscured. See it here.) The song 'Marionette' was one of the singles off of this album, so, todays track is really 'Marionette' by Wanda Young and The Andantes.

And as a bonus here is the b-side to the single. A cover of The Miracles 'After All':

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