Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quack A Doodle Doo.

Sad comic and sad musician story today. James Ramsey was better known for a little while by his stage name Baby Huey, a name he took on due to his comparative size to the overgrown cartoon baby duck. He headed the group Baby Huey & The Babysitters and played the local circuit in Chicago before being signed to Curtis Mayfield's Curtom Records. Unfortunately Baby Huey struggled with alcohol and heroin addiction and prior to the release of his first, and ultimately only, record was found dead in his hotel room. His record The Living Legend did not chart very well when it first came out and fell between the cracks a little bit. Later it had a small resurgence as hip-hop artists started to sample it more and more. Here is the single 'Hard Times' off of The Living Legend:

And the bonus track for today is his cover of Sam Cooke's 'A Change is Going to Come' in which he turns it into a nine minute long jam session:

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  1. Hi Nathan

    I just saw your site on Makesomething365. I also run a 365 at I'm a mailart fanatic, and am helping to put together a mailart comics show at a library in London.

    I thought that it would be a cool way to get your work seen in London on our wall. I'd love it if you could send a postcard-sized piece our way if you get a chance!

    What we're doing is trying to get people through the doors of the library and using the graphic novel section in the library. With all our public services facing harsh cuts from our crazy government, we're trying to do anything we can to get people using libraries to strengthen the case for these vital public services.

    It's a win-win case - if you send us some mailart, we put it on the walls, and you attract people to read books! That's gotta be a winner right...?