Sunday, February 6, 2011


The musical selection for the day comes from a mean organ player named Brother Jack McDuff (although sometimes the 'Brother' is dropped from his name). I first found out about this guy when I picked up his record 'Tobacco Road', mostly for the cover, from a dollar bin at a random record store in the middle of Iowa. Once I got it home and gave it a listen it became one of my favorites. Sadly I don't know a whole lot of his history. He had a long career though, releasing his first album in 1960 and his last album in 2001. I've listened to a lot of his music from the 60's and there is some incredible organ playing on his tracks. So, if you are into that kind of thing I recommend looking him up if don't already know about him. Here is a jam off of that 'Tobacco Road' album that was written by the man himself, 'Can't Get Satisfied':

And here is a bonus jam from him about what I wish I was eating on Super Bowl Sunday:

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